UW Startup Hall set to open this summer

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After a fast-paced design and construction process of only 7 months, Startup Hall is set to open for business in Seattle’s University District. Startup Hall will occupy the second floor of Condon Hall (formerly UW’s Law Library) and is intended to be the first big move in bringing Seattle’s growing tech startup community to the district. The 21,000 square-foot space will be home for UP Global (formerly Startup Weekend), Techstars, and a collection of UW-curated independent entrepreneurs and startups.

SHED Architecture & Design worked closely with all three entities to design a highly functional space on a tight schedule and budget in a series of steps. SHED:

  • Removed a series of past remodels which had chopped the space up into a confusion of smaller spaces and corridors.
  • Stripped back the space to it’s original open plan and a simple organizing principle was introduced.
  • Inserted a series of plywood boxes, separated by glass panels, creating private phone booths and conference spaces.

The remaining co-working areas are left as open, well-lit spaces that allow for the sense of collaboration that these groups require.  Inspired by the clients’ scrappy, “built-from-the-ground-up” cultures, the design solution relies on elemental building materials, such as plywood, glass and the original poured concrete.

The design solution organizes the very large space, without dominating it, and creates a backdrop for creativity and collaboration.

Photo Dec 11, 3 46 26 PM

during construction




during construction